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Certified Poker Software. Hold'em, Omaha, Club & Tournaments

Run your poker website with Real Money.
Crypto Payments supported, with an extensive Admin Panel
to empower you to help your business – 100% Business Ready Poker Script.

Latest. Powerful. Reliable.

Whether you are a Poker Startup, or running a poker business, launching an online Poker Software has never been easier. We offer a high-performance poker software for sale for iOS, Android, and Web with scalable environment. Our team is always standing by to help with any queries.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Like any professional poker site, set your own admin panel that helps you to track wins, create tables, Game settings, ban/delete members.

Cutting edge poker software.

Ultra-fast real-time.

In-built Game Engine handles the entire game logic, hand progress with other multi-player datasets. Socket enables the load balancer to distribute the players load in the closest region which enhance the game performance.Can scale anytime for unexpected traffic.

Advanced encryption.

Keep the game fair.

A rock solid high standard sophisticated encryption technology (128-bit SSL encryption) to safe all users personal details, username and password. Properly managed “Defense in Depth” security practice by layering the defense tools to minimize the number of holes within secure runtime environments.

  • What includes in poker software for sale?

    This poker software for sale is a process to help poker startups to set and run online poker rooms. It includes everything from starting to set up the gameplay, game engine, hosting server, and app store deployments. Further code level support also provided upon custom request.

  • Can I buy the source code?

    Yes, we deliver all poker software options with full source code with no restrictions, no limitations and for you to make any changes and modifications to it.